Welcome to the free Golang based http server running on port 8889 on your localhost!

!!! Disclaimer !!! Use at your own risk! You are responsible for whatever you do with it or how you use it!

I had the .7z compressed archive file scanned for your peace of mind @ VirusTotal.com, and it checked out OK: it has only one false positive with Jiangmin as of the version date (month day) posted on bottom of this page. You can see the results by clicking here. You can always recheck it, certainly.

- Download the Go based free HTTP Server for Windows and Linux. It was tested on Linux and Windows. If you use a Mac and would like to have a Mac version, please write me, and I will sell you a copy, thank you.

- Download the SHA256 signature for the .7z archive file.

1. The http server works on Windows and Linux. The code both for Windows and Linux was compiled on an Ubuntu 64-bit machine using Golang 1.8. For Windows it was cross compiled using "export GOOS=windows GOARCH=386", that is it is a 32-bit program. For Linux it was compiled using "export GOOS=linux GOARCH=386", that is it is also a 32-bit file.

2. The file can be uncompressed using the 7z file archiver. On Ubuntu it is already installed, and it can be accessed using: 7z e archivexxx. For Windows it can be downloaded here.

3. The program server8889xxx can be used to test Web Development in HTML/CSS/JavaScript. PHP is not supported.

4. The program server8889xxx can either be placed in the directory where the files you want to test are located or in a parent directory.
If the server8889xxx program is started from the command line, it will display the directory where it is running from, its webroot.

5. The program server8889xxx will automatically execute with no parameters on ip, port 8889 in the local directory where it finds itself.

Or you can specify the following parameters:

6. Start the program server8889xxx either from the command line or by double clicking on it in the file explorer.

7. If you did not enter any parameters, then click on this link: Otherwise open your browser and type the parameters you entered, for example

If there is an index.html file in the current folder, it will be displayed in the browser automatically. If not, you will see a list of all the files and directories in the current folder. Just click on which ever file you want to see.

8. To schema, cert and key is of interested only to people testing stuff on a server. For client testing only ip and port are of interest.

9. To exit terminate the server program.

The program is free to use. Feel free to pass it around.